soft landing

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Soft landing

A term describing a growth rate high enough to keep the economy out of recession, but also slow enough to prevent high inflation and interest rates.

Soft Landing

A situation in which a central bank raises interest rates gradually, but steadily, to curb inflation, while still attempting to keep the economy out of a recession. A hard landing is generally effective at reducing inflation, but it slows down growth. However, soft landings are considered more desirable than allowing inflation to run amok, which could necessitate a hard landing.

soft landing

A slowing of economic growth that avoids a recession and the accompanying high unemployment. The Federal Reserve may pursue a restrictive monetary policy to achieve a soft landing when the economy has been expanding at an unsustainable rate.
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The probe's soft-landing is the most difficult task during the mission, said Wu Weiren, the lunar program's chief designer.
Nearly every catastrophic injury over the last 20 years could have been avoided by (1) using common-sense where circumstances dictate, (2) strict compliance to the rules on hazard-free soft-landing zones around the landing mat, (3) proper use and maintenance of legal-sized landing mats and vaulting poles, and (4) seeing that the participants (athlete and coach) acquire an accredited pole-vault event education.
The lunar program's chief designer, Wu Weiren said that the probe's soft-landing is the most difficult task during the mission, and it will be a breakthrough for China to realize zero-distance observation and survey on the moon.
The EDA's funding will be extremely helpful in accomplishing our international goals and our soft-landing strategy," said Science Center president and chief executive officer Pradip Banerjee.
5% in 2004 and an expected successful soft-landing of the economy this year in China, the demand for strategic metals including copper and high-quality stainless steel will continue to be strong, leading to a very positive future for Terra Nostra and its joint venture partner," he added.