soft landing

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Soft landing

A term describing a growth rate high enough to keep the economy out of recession, but also slow enough to prevent high inflation and interest rates.

Soft Landing

A situation in which a central bank raises interest rates gradually, but steadily, to curb inflation, while still attempting to keep the economy out of a recession. A hard landing is generally effective at reducing inflation, but it slows down growth. However, soft landings are considered more desirable than allowing inflation to run amok, which could necessitate a hard landing.

soft landing

A slowing of economic growth that avoids a recession and the accompanying high unemployment. The Federal Reserve may pursue a restrictive monetary policy to achieve a soft landing when the economy has been expanding at an unsustainable rate.
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In addition to having an environmental focus, Soft Landing is a social enterprise that will work to provide 75 per cent of positions to people in the community who are experiencing barriers to work, Minister Fitzharris said.
Soft Landings works with seven trainees at any one time, assisting them to gain Certificate II qualifications while providing additional case management support.
Do you remember a couple of years ago, when the only debate about house prices was whether they were destined for a soft landing or a hard landing?
Although Buck bailed out and attempted a soft landing in his spacesuit and flying belt, he too "fell with sickening speed" onto the rugged lunar landscape.
The big one is China -the only bigger place in this context is America where they are bouncing back from a soft landing last year.
There's a piece called Soft Landings (all works 1995), a pile of towels made of synthetic resin and rubber indented in the center as though something had dropped there from above.