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In this paper we test an existing theory about resilience through a case study of an entrepreneurial socio-technical system, that of the Bitcoin digital payment and transfer protocol, using a coding template drawn from previous literature.
A socio-technical system is composed of various elements, such as technologies, actors, infrastructures, and networks, as well as the business models connecting the different elements (Bidmon & Knab, 2014) and the relationships among them necessary to fulfill societal functions (Geels, 2005).
Socio-technical system theory encompasses three general subsystems': technical, social, and environmental (Barko & Pasmore, 1986; Carayon, 2006; Pasmore et al.
Socio-technical systems in weaving, 1953-1970: a follow-up study.
First in this section, we briefly take a look on socio-technical system literature that includes transitions from one system to another, stability, instability, etc.
The socio-technical system theorists contend that the needs, which people bring with them to the workplace, have to be identified and ways have to be made to meet those needs through the design of the technology and the work.
With the introduction of the socio-technical system, CIGGC improved productivity, quality, and lead-time so that in 1995 export sales accounted for 70 percent of the company's business.
Technology and socio-technical systems may offset material forces to a certain extent (see note 13).
The quest to understand our social environment better meant digging down into the "social bedrock" yielding the discovery that mining must approach a project as part of a holistic socio-technical system.
Uddevalla's innovative new socio-technical system deserves a closer examination and evaluation.
PROSPERO will deliver; a common operational concept of performance indicators linked to operational goals, a methodology for operational system analysis, a new taxonomy to encompass all aviation socio-technical system concepts, a generic system-risk-management process involving all stakeholders and a software system to support the socio-technical analysis and redesign of the ATS.
By understanding this process as a socio-technical system then the complex interaction between people, technology and the environment in which the systems are deployed are portrayed.

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