small investor

Small investor

An individual person investing in small quantities of stock or bonds. This group of investors makes up a minimal fraction of total stock ownership.


An investor who deals in securities only occasionally, especially when he/she deals only in small quantities. Odd-lotters are also called (more formally) small investors. Odd-lot theory holds that odd-lotters are both poorly informed and risk averse; this theory encourages larger investors to do the opposite of whatever odd-lotters tend to be doing at a given time. This theory has little evidence to support it, and few have held it since the 1990s.

small investor

A person who occasionally buys and sells securities, generally in relatively small amounts. See also odd-lotter.
References in classic literature ?
Bert was trying to impress Tom with the idea that the reconstructed Grubb & Smallways offered unprecedented and unparalleled opportunities to the judicious small investor.
As per the allocation structure approved by the CMA, small investors will receive minimum 1,000 shares for each small investor plus 3.
Equal Treatment of Bondholders with Full Protection of Small Investor Structure
In order to protect small investors, the chairman and all members of the SECP [Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan] should be arrested immediately," one small investor todl the Reuters news agency.
First, to what extent is he driven by vanity--by an awareness of his image as a square-jawed crusader playing for keeps on a giant stage, an Eliot Ness-like figure who avenges the small investor by fearlessly taking on Wall Street fat cats, who heretofore existed beyond reproach and retribution?
Thomas is an expertly instructive guide to becoming a successful small investor in a specialized sector of the real estate industry.
While the "democratization of the marketplace is unambiguously a good thing," Spitzer said, referring to the massive long-term movement into mutual funds by ordinary investors, the small investor hasn't been well served.
But adding it up, the corrective efforts so far have been insufficient to repair the damage and construct a secure basis for protecting the small investor for whom mutual funds are designed.
NABHOOD has been working with the hospitality industry to attract small investor groups to the hotel industry.
We very firmly believe that we now can and should afford the small investor the opportunity to compete equally with institutional orders.
The significant role in the machinery of capitalism played by the small investor isn't something Catholics can ignore.
IN APRIL, THE RESOLUTION TRUST Corporation (RTC) unveiled a new, comprehensive Small Investor Program specifically designed to reach individual investors or groups with moderate levels of capital to purchase real estate and other assets.

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