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For instance, the legislation will confirm the monetary jurisdiction of a provincial small claims court or lay out the procedure for determining which specific court office location to choose when commencing a court action in a small claims court.
This subcommittee has begun analyzing and determining forms for use in the small claims court by defendants, most of which tend to be pro se individuals.
There are two convenient ways to file online: 'Filing Wizard' can help people representing themselves and who are unfamiliar with the small claims court process.
17) Ironically, he found, one sixth of small claims court plaintiffs were lawyers suing their clients for nonpayment.
Filing in small claims court also requires a smaller filing fee and results in an earlier trial date.
Suzanne, who has been running her business for two years, said they were forced to go through the small claims court.
We recommend this letter be a part of any legal documents being taken to small claims court.
In February, a small claims court in Los Angeles found in favor of Peters.
Preparing for cases to be heard in the small claims court could be time-consuming and add costs for an insurance company.
WEBSTER - Webster police went to small claims court last week to get payment from 10 defendants who were fined for possessing an ounce or less of marijuana in 2009.
THE Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has pledged to explore Rhondda MP Chris Bryant's proposal for a small claims court to deal with cases involving libel and breaches of privacy.
Given the changes to the conditional fee agreements that the Government are pushing through, may I suggest it might be a good idea to have a small claims court for privacy and libel cases?