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This article discusses the general criteria established by the IRS in the final section 414(r) regulations, illustrates the application of some of the criteria to an employer's organization to establish qualification under the SLOB rules, and reviews the advantages and disadvantages that an employer faces with the promulgation of these provisions.
Why isn't this slob on a blacklist that would prevent him from getting housing subsidised at our expense in Birmingham or anywhere else in Britain?
The final regulations provide a three-step process for determining whether an employer is operating an SLOB.
An all-or-nothing approach to SLOB relief and sanctions for failing the requirements for SLOB plan qualification is not appropriate.
But my dreams of giving up my job have been shattered as he does nothing but slob around the house.
TRIBUTE: Rock band Queen' LEGEND: Freddie' TUTU ODD: Roberta Rowat with Nobby, Duke, Slob and Judas
SLOB STORY: Andy fools big-hearted carer Lou; GAME FOR A LAUGH: Andy grabs the ball; scores a try and celebrates before ``mooning
ACTOR Ricky Tomlinson, who plays slob Jim Royle in The Royle Family, is coming to Coventry to promote his autobiography.
Ricky, however, has made a good living in a major BBC comedy playing a lazy Scouse slob, reinforcing a stereotypical image some people have of Liverpool.
414(r), certain requirements under those provisions are applied separately with respect to the employees of each qualified SLOB operated by the employer.
Another lover, the first man to father one of her kids when he was 16, branded her a real-life Waynetta Slob, claiming that she dumped him and their newborn baby outside a pawn shop in a bust-up over 5 pounds for cigarettes.
Ballerina Roberta grabs a lift with Duke' Leather-clad Devil's Disciples Nobby, Duke, Slob and Judas flank Roberta Rowat in her white tutu' South African ballet princess Roberta Rowat with Dublin bikers Duke and Slob sitting astride their Harleys outside the Point Theatre, venue for the Queen tribute show