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Brian Plunkett, a registered trichologist and lecturer in Hair Science, said protecting clients was the main reason hairdressers should do skin tests before colouring hair.
The only significant predictor of vaccine response was IgG2 level at the time of immunization for tetanus, PPV23, and KLH vaccines, he said, noting that "age, methotrexate dose, concomitant corticosteroid use, diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, skin test anergy [less than 5 mm induration], IgM, IgA, total IgG, and IgGl, IgG3, and IgG4 subsets were not predictors of immunization response, nor did rituximab affect total IgG or IgG2 levels.
Mr Mercer said those which tested positive on the skin test had already been slaughtered.
But a spokeswoman for the Welsh Assembly made clear that a second skin test for bTB would not be granted.
Each skin test site was immediately covered with an occlusive dressing (Tegaderm, 3M, London, UK).
Anyone with symptoms or a positive skin test will be referred promptly for further investigation and treatment if needed.
Hairdressers use henna in hair dyes but they always do a skin test first.
The CDC said studies have found QuantiFERON-TB Gold more sensitive than the skin test in some instances.
The best way to do this is to see an allergist for a series of skin prick tests that expose you to a tiny bit of the allergen to see if you develop a welt at the site of the skin test.
In addition to in vitro results for circulating sIgE, skin test results were obtained whenever possible.
SAN ANTONIO -- A penicillin skin test is expected to return to the market in about 1 year to fill the gap that was left when the original manufacturer, Hollister-Stier, halted production of PrePen in September 2003.