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This coupon can be redeemed once against the full purchase price of a 1-pint carton of whole, semi skimmed or skimmed Scottish Organic Milk.
And the results showed that those on the enriched skimmed milk diet had a significantly greater reduction in gout flare-ups compared with the other two groups.
49 for four pints of whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed
It was only two weeks later when someone else in the office sent an email around warning that they had been skimmed, and to be extra careful at cash machines, that I realised it had happened to me.
Normal people above the age of five years do not need anything other than skimmed milk, or at worst "one percent" milk.
As well as skimmed milk, the New Zealand researchers said they plan to breed cows capable of producing milk that is ideal for spreadable butter.
The student team has also tricked an SUV with an anti-theft RFID device into starting up by using their skimmed and faked RFID tag.
Breakfast Option One: Plain oatmeal cooked with skimmed milk and banana.
Gunning his engine, our guide dove off the trail and skimmed across the pristine meadow.
The term comes from the fact that money is taken off the top, the same way cream is skimmed from milk.
They need to be especially vigilant when cards go out of their sight when they are paying for things, as this could be an ideal opportunity for their cards to be skimmed.
The sources said one of the three is equipment that separates milk between powdered skimmed milk and cream, while the other two are tanks that temporarily store pasteurized powdered skimmed milk at the plant.