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To our best knowledge, few studies have shown the fiber size effect on the [beta]-crystalline content within the electrospun fibers [14, 15].
This leads to the size effect formation, which presence does not permit direct application in microforming of metals available technological knowledge relating to conventional forming methods [3, 4].
Multivariate Value F df Question Df Error Pillay's effect 0/861 8/93 9 13 Wilks' Lambda 0/139 8/93 9 13 Hathling effect 6/185 8/93 9 13 Largest root of Zink 6/185 8/93 9 13 Multivariate Significance Size effect Pillay's effect 0.
Metal oxide nanoparticles have novel electronic, optical, magnetic, chemical catalytic and mechanical properties from the high surface to volume ratio, and quantum size effect.
The group size effect has been demonstrated for many birds (Beauchamp 2008), but was not observed in other taxa (Caro 2005).
Although not a buyer motivation as such, market liquidity may also contribute to a relative size effect.
Thus, the results of this phase of research do not indicate, a priori, the existence of the firm size effect documented by Banz (1981), in which stocks from smaller companies produce greater profits.
The time-varying nature of the firm size effect has been the subject of growing interest, particularly in the aftermath of the recent financial crisis.
Some seventy presented and poster papers discuss such aspects as experimental tests on fine nitinol wires used in medical applications, failure analysis of some retrieved orthopedic implants based on materials characterization, size effect of fracture toughness of rigid polyurethane foams, increasing the quality of ingots cast in vacuum, and scanning strategies for aluminum and plastic parts.
Such investigation has suggested that the particle size effect is likely due to difficulties in nucleating the transformation, although considerations have also been given to the possible effects of surface and strain energy and chemical free energy driving forces Within dental materials the commercial example of a dispersion-toughened ceramic is In-Ceram Zirconia (Vita Zahnfabrik) which is an interpenetrating composite of 30% glass and 70% polycrystalline ceramic consisting of [Al.
To get a more formal understanding of how industry changes affect the average establishment size, we decomposed the total change in the average establishment size between 1994 and 2000 as well as between 2003 and 2007 into the average size effect and the establishment share effect by industry.