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1. In bonds, 0.0625% of one point. This is used when quoting bond prices. For example, a bond may have the price of 95 3/16 points, meaning that the bond is selling for 95.1875% of its par value.

2. In stocks, 0.0625% of one dollar. This format was used when stocks were quoted in fractions instead of decimals. It is less common today.


One sixteenth of a point. For bond quotes, a sixteenth represents 1/16 of 1%. Thus, a bond quoted at 98 1/16 would indicate a price of 98 1/16 % of par, or $980.62.
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Chapter 1 concentrates first on prevailing orthographic practices during the first half of the sixteenth century and secondarily on the numerous reforms proposed and adopted by printers who wished to establish coherent and stable graphic conventions.
Best articulated by the followers of the Wang Yangming school of Confucianism in the sixteenth century, late imperial conceptions of childhood were deeply informed by the Daoist belief that an embryo of innocence, purity, and spontaneity is innate in all humans throughout the life course, and that it must constantly be nurtured, revived, and restored by medical and meditative practices.
German universities typically had only three or four professors of both law and medicine in the sixteenth century in faculties of twenty and more.
One title dated from the sixteenth century, at least sixteen from the seventeenth century, and over forty titles from the eighteenth century.
A sense of contingency filtered into literary style as the sixteenth century progressed; it even became a syntactical method.
It might have been useful to include some material from the many motet books published in the middle years of the sixteenth century by printers active in German-speaking areas, such as the firms of Petreius, Ott, Berg and Neuber, or Gerlach.
In "Habitus and lordship: the transformation of aristocratic practices of rule in the sixteenth century," Schindler portrays the Lord of a small Swabian territory, Count Gottfried Werner von Zimmern (1484-1554), as a transitional figure.
The extraordinary diversity of manufactures produced at the end of the sixteenth century seem to owe more to a major campaign of capital investment in technical innovation than to Michelangelo's design skills.
In a majority of other countries (except Italy) more or less valuable book collections of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are almost exclusively the result of purposeful effort, while in Germany they formed naturally.
The Mixtecs of Colonial Oaxaca: Nudzahui History, Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries.
The study under review is just as Gargantuan in its scope as it claims to survey five centuries of French literature and examine how various writers, from the twelfth to the sixteenth century, conceived temporality and produced works of art which somehow translate both their own vision and the dominant mental structures of their Zeitgeist.