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Ursodiol disulfate overcomes these limitations by preventing intestinal absorption, permitting site-specific delivery to the colon, increasing its membrane protective hydrophilic property, and preventing biotransformation to hydrophobic membrane-damaging bile acids.
This grant award recognizes the need to develop an efficient, site-specific delivery and sustained release system aimed at improving the response rate and therapeutic outcome in the treatment of pancreatic tumors," said Jacqueline Johnson, Ph.
Sirus' technology is based on sophisticated polymer chemistry which allows utilisation of molecules which are refractory to solubilisation in aqueous media, and on a targeting agent for site-specific delivery to nerves.
Techniques such as site-specific delivery and controlled release often reduce the side effects associated with systemic administration and help improve patient compliance, according to the July issue of GEN.
This work is additional validation of the targeted nanoparticle approach for site-specific delivery of a therapeutic payload, by using an anti-cancer gene," noted Jeffrey Cleland, Ph.

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