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commented, "Two of our larger corporate clients have recently deployed Simplify ProfilesO resulting in a drastic reduction in login times and a huge improvement in internal customer satisfaction.
David Hovda, CEO of Simplify Medical, said, "We have worked collaboratively with the FDA to achieve IDE approval, and we look forward to starting our study later this year.
Flat income tax--This system would greatly simplify filing for individuals and businesses.
Addressing this need, Unisys developed Sentinel technologies that simplify systems administration, improve system availability and reduce unplanned downtime.
a leader in enterprise software for remote environments, announced today the release of Simplify Printing Bundle v4.
Echoing the words of Henry David Thoreau, it's time to "simplify, simplify, simplify" in the world of data storage.
The procedures also include special provisions to simplify and hasten APA negotiations for SBTs.
Home Concierge is an online lifestyle management tool that organizes and manages a homeowner's property and activities from a secure, personalized Website, giving a homeowner access to their information anytime and from anywhere to simplify their life.
Now that we have reached this milestone, we are able to offer customers the most secure and compliant next-generation mortgage settlement services platform that is integrated with the nation's top vendors and also allows our customers to simplify their due diligence obligations.
States will also be encouraged to simplify their state and local tax rates and be responsible for providing accurate information permitting retailers to match addresses within the state to the appropriate local tax rate.
The ability of a taxpayer to simplify and correct the UNICAP calculation on a forward basis, and to be relieved of the yearly burden of calculating the absorptio ratio, may outweigh some of the other related issues.
ROUND ROCK, Texas -- Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) today announced a series of moves to drive industry standards further into systems management architectures, resulting in new capabilities that can simplify and automate the administration of IT resources in the enterprise.