side letters

side letters (leases)

Written agreements that vary the terms of a lease. All contracts for the purchase of income-producing property should provide for full review of leases and any side letters before closing.

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But that 2007-08 campaign came during the nine-year period when the Ibrox club were found Turn to Page 73 From Back Page guilty by an independent commission of issuing side letters to some players in a bid to avoid tax.
It also looks at fund governance, including board composition and side letters.
At that time, the NAT had a policy of providing these side letters, and it assured the taxpayers before they made their gift that if believed this refund offer would not jeopardize their claim to I charitable deduction.
She counsels private investment funds on all aspects of their formation and ongoing operations including structuring, marketing materials, "market" terms, seed deals and side letters with investors, agreements with service providers and marketers as well as other general corporate matters.
He is a pioneer in the field of drafting side Letters of Instruction within the comprehensive estate plan and he works diligently to ensure families have properly executed financial planning documents in addition to the traditional legal documents drafted by an attorney.
And with every mis-placed pass and sliced clearance the howls of derision from the home side Letters .
The tricks included secret side letters that would have precluded the deal from being recognized as revenue and investing in shaky companies that would use the money to Patel buy products from Cabletron and its spinoffs.
The adjustment would take the form of side letters so that there would be no renegotiation of other sections of the pact.
Contracts should be readily available for shareholders to inspect, together with any side letters relating to severance terms and pension arrangements.
The "gray zone" comprises such techniques as: shipment acceleration (sometimes known as "channel stuffing"); swapping equity for revenue; creative acquisition accounting; the lowering of reserves for merchandise likely to be returned; bill-and-hold arrangements (often with side letters guaranteeing the right to return goods); the raising of pension fund return assumptions; and "round tripping" of revenue between companies.
He also represents clients in negotiated transactions, including portfolio company investments, fund investor side letters and "seed" investments, investment management agreements, acquisitions and dispositions and other strategic transactions.
But according to the source, Rangers can't be stripped of the five titles won during the EBT years because they've already been found guilty of failing to disclose side letters issued to players who used the tax avoidance scheme and were fined PS250,000 by the Lord Nimmo Smith Commission.