short-term debt

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Short-term debt

Debt obligations, recorded as current liabilities, requiring payment within the year.

Short-Term Debt

Any bond or other debt that must be repaid or refinanced within one year. Short-term debts are recorded on a balance sheet as current liabilities.

short-term debt

That portion of debt that is payable within one year.Consumers typically include only debts maturing in one year in their schedule of short-term debts.Businesses usually segregate debt into the current year's portion of all debt,with the balance,if any,categorized as long-term debt. When completing a form financial statement for a lender, it is important to find out that lender's definition of short-term debt. Placing debts in the wrong category could result in a failure to meet certain critical ratios,and denial of the loan.

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With occupancy rates holding steady (except for some very low-performing facilities), short-term debt performance stabilizing and permanent debt performance starting to become stable, skilled nursing facilities seem to be holding their own at the moment.
In its reluctance to issue short-term debt, Germany is unusual in Europe and among industrialized countries.
Long-Term Debt due by 1996 (Non-Peso) BB BBB- Long-Term Debt due 1997-1999 (Non-Peso) BB BBB- Long-Term Debt due after 1999 (Non-Peso) BB BB+ Long-Term Debt (Peso) A- A- Short-Term Debt (Non-Peso) D-4 D-3 Short-Term Debt (Peso) D-1- D-1
Long-Term Debt due by 1996 (Non-Peso) BBB- BBB Long-Term Debt due 1997-1999 (Non-Peso) BBB- BBB- Long-Term Debt due after 1999 (Non-Peso) BB+ BB+ Long-Term Debt (Peso) AA- AA+ Short-Term Debt (Non-Peso) D-3 D-2 Short-Term Debt (Peso) D-1 D-1+
Pro forma maximum annual debt service coverage on all debt, assuming a 30-year amortization of short-term debt under the capital line of credit, is 2.
The ratings consider that the proposed transaction will extend the debt maturity profile and mitigate refinancing risks, as 75% of the proceeds will repay short-term debt maturities.
Credit analysis for agricultural processors and merchandisers considers leverage ratios that exclude short-term debt used to finance readily marketable inventories (RMIs) that are hedged against price risk.

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