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Defining these and then imposing the condition under which workers do not shirk ([V.
She also noted she "never once raised" her hand before adding, "I don't shirk any of my civic responsibilities.
Reed wrote about Katrina for us last year, and this month he returns to reflect on his family's personal experience and to discuss what happens when government shirks it responsibilities.
He shirks 'bumper-sticker understandings' of this triumvirate of thinkers and encourages the dissection of their ideas as one way to improve church life.
The Shirks call their candy "Lava" because the ingredients are heated to a thick liquid before cooling to a substance with small air pockets, resembling lava.
Anyone who shirks the responsibility of jury duty helps to undermine the foundation of one of our country's most cherished freedoms.
A worker at work either shirks on the job (with e = 0) or does not shirk (with e = 1).
But consider a less-recognized character: the maverick yacht builder, who shirks classrooms and takes his skill straight to the water.
Let p denote the probability that a worker who shirks in her position at the firm is caught.
As Advanced Factory Representatives, the Shirks will retail GMX magnetic fluid conditioning devices throughout the state and elsewhere.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Muni Still Shirks Responsibility for Elizabeth Dominguez's Death
To maintain simplicity, it is assumed that, at any particular time, a worker either works or shirks and that a shirking worker produces nothing.