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The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is to borrow the pledged shares from the taxpayer and sell them short.
The most common cluster architecture today is a "shared nothing" cluster, which means that the systems in the cluster do not share memory or concurrent access to data on the common storage.
They enable taxpayers to purchase shares in a variety of funds rather than invest in individual stocks, thereby providing risk diversification, professional investment management and more ready liquidity.
If specific requirements are satisfied, the gain realized by an employee upon exercise of an ISO is not subject to tax at that time, and no gain is recognized for so long as the shares are not sold or otherwise disposed of.
The ESOP uses dividends of 50 cents per share on the unallocated shares it holds to pay debt service, which occurs at the end of the year.
Based on historic growth in earnings per share, the expected pre-tax expenses for the Share Programme 2008 would amount to approximately SEK 25 million per year for the period 2008 to 2010.
33, Earnings Per Share, which has substantially the same requirements as Statement no.
E will recognize no gain on the constructive exchange of the 1,000 shares.
The program will span over three years, after which employees may receive a maximum of five OMX matching shares for each invested OMX share.
Their worst stock was eToys: 333 shares bought for $68.
In other instances companies are willing to accept the proposal as written because the new guidance would have a positive effect on earnings (even when current share values are above the shares' cost to the ESOP) because ESOP shares would not be considered outstanding until committed to be released.