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the settlement period is two Business Days following the Business Day on which the application for subscription is accepted;
MTM adjustments are defined as fair value changes recorded in periods other than the settlement period.
The preliminary information contained in this press release is based on the assumption that all shares tendered through notice of guaranteed delivery will be delivered within the prescribed three trading day settlement period.
Kishore Oswal, chairman and managing director of CNI Research, said, " Normally, such rumours are floated just before the expiry of the settlement period to destabilise the market.
The SEC really went beyond the call of duty on this transaction to enable to achieve a T+3 settlement period [the Nigerian settlement cycle being much longer].
Vancouver offered colourful indoor markets, Indian replica carved totem poles, a chair lift to the highest point on the snow covered peaks, and strange wooden carved figures possibly dating back to the Indian settlement period.
ECQ's move came despite an earlier recommendation and approval of the group of banks managing the loans to extend the settlement period by another three years.
The Group is going to introduce [ETH]cents+2 settlement period, which poses the risk for interest income that accounts for almost a half of the Group's entire operating income.
The United Bank will offer loans ranging from EGP 25,000 to 50,000 to be settled over a period of 30 months while the SFD plans to offer loans worth EGP 15,000 with a three-year settlement period, the head of Call Centres Division of (CCC) Ehab Saeed said.
7 billion) to Emirates NBD under its debt deal with the bank, adding that the settlement period for liabilities
securities to a company or investment fund with a different settlement period
The bank also plans to increase the financial apportionments to cover the loans requests, expand the settlement period to 30 years, decrease the interest rate for the housing loans so as not to exceed 7 per cent.