building line

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Building Line

The closest a building (such as a house) may be to the demarcation dividing two real estate properties. A building line may ensure that houses abide by the fire code or may simply ensure that residents and businesses have some degree of privacy. Building lines are set by either the local government or, less commonly, a neighborhood association.

building line

A setback line; the closest a building may be allowed to come to the property boundary line.Building lines may be set by local government or by subdivision building restrictions.

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However, these facilities are situated at or behind the setback line.
The modelling framework is intended to be applied to particular coastal locations, in conjunction with future projections of sea-level change and demographic pressures, to provide guidance to the most appropriate adaptation strategies, such as suitable setback lines, more focused dune management, or beach nourishment and/or protection.
Locate all buildings and other improvements to verify that they do not encroach over any boundaries, easements, or setback lines.
The new law directed the Department of Natural Resources to "establish coastal construction setback lines on a county basis along the sand beaches of the state fronting on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.