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As a business leader, it's easy to take setbacks personally.
And I would heartily support Rohter and other property owners along the McKenzie River developing a process that holds their neighbors accountable and helps enforce the existing riparian setback ordinance - without the added tax burden, and added intrusiveness, of more government oversight.
Meanwhile, imposing immovable conditions did not sit well with abutters from Webster who have been attending all the public hearings and asking the board when is the appropriate time to address their setback concerns.
As the setback proscription did not apply to subterranean volumes, extra space is created by embedding an entire storey underground.
Despite such setbacks, Joe and his associates (including two sons and two daughters who are part of the Family business) have built one of the largest recycling firms in North America--one that shows no signs of pulling back from its growth trend.
Kitts), setback distances have not traditionally been based on any scientific foundation, for example, long-term erosion trends and the influence of events such as storms and sea level rise.
A spokesman said, ``In some ways it is a setback but Casodex is already well established worldwide.
The incident is being viewed "as a fairly routine kind of clinical setback which in and of itself doesn't say anything about the long-term prognosis of the patient," Berger said.
Chinese news media in their reports Monday highlighted the huge election setback suffered by Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the expected resignation of Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto.
Monograph by leading healthcare association recommends operating room HVAC setback to save energy, money
GODOLPHIN MILE runner-up Sloane Avenue will miss the Grade 1 Met Mile at Belmont Park on June 6 due to a setback, writes David Milnes.