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HE'S already seen the world's seven wonders, now he's set foot on all seven continents and crossed both polar circles and all before turning 50.
DEI), the biggest electric power company in Greece owned to some extent by the Greek government, is going to try again to set foot on the Macedonian market.
Going for a Walk GOING for a walk is becoming a hazardous chore It begins the moment I set foot out of the door Children on scooters,senior citizens too Then of course all that dog poo Lycra clad cyclists hurtling by Low hanging branches that poke in my eye Runners and joggers I have to avoid If I don't jump out of their way they get really annoyed Then there are the texters, oblivious to all I even saw one who walked into a wall Yes going for a walk is now a real pain Please can we have a pedestrian lane?
FORMER MANAGER: Alex McLeish was booed, and beaten before he had even set foot in the Aston Villa temple.
London, October 29( ANI ): It may take decades before astronauts could set foot on Mars, but scientists have warned that humans could be a danger to the planet's native if they land on it.
Summary: The Duchess of Cambridge set foot on Australian soil for the first time as she jetted home with the Duke.
All week patients, doctors and nurses have been urging the minister to set foot in one of the war-zone A&E departments to see how grave the situation is with her own eyes.
If I was that couple I would not set foot on that racecourse again.
The group's members, in fact, will refuse to set foot in any of the affected parks "out of fear for their personal safety from those who will now be permitted to carry loaded and concealed weapons in such areas.
The next time you moan about your job, spare a thought for the men featured in this intriguing documentary series, who risk life and limb every time they set foot in their trucks and begin their arduous journeys across the frozen lakes in Canada's Northwest Territories.
Lebanon has been suffering from a political vacuum ever since Syria set foot in our country," Ashkar said.
A first novel, The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney (above), has scooped the Costa Book of the Year award even though its author had never set foot in Canada, where her book is set, because she suffered from agoraphobia.