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Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES)

The only stock exchange in Singapore.

s s

Used on the consolidated tape to indicate a transaction of less than a round lot: AEPPr 5ss47.
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There is much research that exists to support the theory that SES affects students learning achievement (Caldwell & Ginther, 1996; Battle, 2002; Duncan, Yeung, Brooks-Gunn & Smith, 1998).
Similarly, when landing on "GO TO JAIL," the lower SES must go directly to jail and remain there until doubles are rolled; the working SES must go directly to jail, but can pay $50 to get out on the next or any of the following turns or remain there until doubles are rolled; middle SES must go directly to jail and roll greater than 7 to be released or pay $50 on any following turn Upon receiving instructions to "GO TO JAIL," the upper SES immediately rolls the dice.
This win comes on the heels of a recent $3 million contract win for Information Assurance at the Defense Intelligence Agency and SES anticipates several new contracts being awarded in the coming month.
SES ASTRA is an SES company (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG).
AMC-18 was procured by SES Global Satellite Leasing Ltd.
Additional information on SES is available at: www.
SES NEW SKIES is an SES company (Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) offering satellite communication services to a range of customers including telecommunications providers, broadcasters, corporations and governments around the world.
SES (Paris:SESG)(LuxX:SESG) wholly owns three market-leading satellite operators, SES ASTRA in Europe, SES AMERICOM in North America, and SES NEW SKIES, which provide global coverage and connectivity.
Jean-Yves Le Gall, President and CEO of Arianespace, said, "I would like to thank SES AMERICOM for placing their confidence in Arianespace to deliver AMC-18 safely into orbit.
RTL approached SES NEW SKIES describing their need for a DSL-like service via satellite, which would allow them to download, and view video archive footage stored at their Cologne headquarters during the races.
Antoine Bouvier, CEO of ASTRIUM Satellites, said: "We are extremely pleased that SES ASTRA which values our know-how and technology has reaffirmed its confidence with this latest order.
THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- SES NEW SKIES, an SES GLOBAL company (Paris:SESG)(LuxX:SESG) is pleased to announce that the contract for the construction of the NSS-9 satellite has been awarded to Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB).