serial correlation

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Serial Correlation

In technical analysis, a measure of how well past occurrences predict future occurrences. Most importantly, serial correlation checks whether and how often a particular price movement will result in a different price movement. Serial correlation lies at the heart of technical analysis. It is also called autocorrelation.

serial correlation

The relationship that one event has to a series of past events. In technical analysis, serial correlation is used to test whether various chart formations are useful in projecting a security's future price movements.
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Since, however, serial correlation exists and [alpha.
The hypotheses of the second-order serial correlation test and the Sargan test are not rejected in all columns, which mean that the estimation results are valid.
Rejection of the null hypothesis in Equation (8) indicates that there is no serial correlation between the forecast errors.
As discussed in the introduction, given that the degree of persistence (or serial correlation) of income shocks lies in a range between the two theoretical extremes, the choice of the dividing line between what degree of serial correlation will be considered "persistent" and what degree "transitory" is necessarily somewhat arbitrary.
We have conducted diagnostic tests to test the CLRM assumptions such as normality of error term, serial correlation, autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity, white heteroskedasticity and specification of short model.
05, meaning that there was high-order serial correlation in the model.
After the optimum lag is determined, diagnostic checking is conducted on the residuals to assure that structural breaks and serial correlations are absent.
Thus, our results indicate that industry-specific information does not explain serial correlation (e.
subtracting observations at [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] from those at t), and can solve the problem of serial correlation in the spurious relationships between non-stationary variables.
First, we check for serial correlation in the return series.
The third issue is an econometric one, arising as a result of the potential presence of serial correlation in the error term [v.

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