selling concession

Selling concession

The discount underwriters offer the selling group on securities in a new issue.

Selling Concession

The compensation that an underwriter receives for placing a new issue with investors. It is calculated as a discount from the price of the new issue. For example, an issuer may sell the underwriter a bond at $990 per bond. The underwriter will then place the issue at $1,000, allowing it to make a $10 profit. This profit is the selling concession. It is also simply called a concession.

selling concession

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By the age of 12, Sophie was making PS1,000 a week as an apprentice selling concession stands at events.
Like the 7% gross spread, the standard contract of 20% management fee, 20% underwriting fee, and 60% selling concession has become more common in recent years.
Hornby was the biggest selling concession in the toy department recently.
Now TopShop's biggest selling concession in the country for formal wear fashion, Rare has just unveiled its latest autumn/winter collection with strong Russian and military looks and a heritage influence of cord, tweed and winter shorts.