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Sell Off

The rapid sale of a security by a large number of holders. This increases the supply of the security available for sale and therefore drives down the price. Sell-offs occur for a number of reasons. A stock may drop suddenly in price if its company issues a negative earnings report, or if there are reports of a new technology rendering the company's product obsolete, or if the company's costs rise. Sell-offs also happen for other, perhaps less rational reasons. For example, a natural disaster, which may or may not affect supplies, can cause a sell-off. See also: Panic Sale.


A general decline in security prices. This term generally refers to a short- or intermediate-term decline rather than to an extended period of falling prices.


A sell-off is a period of intense selling of securities and commodities triggered by declining prices. Sell-offs -- sometimes called dumping -- usually cause prices to plummet even more sharply.

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Retail investors, as is natural during such global routs, have betrayed nerves that has led to a sell-off in the local markets.
But they certainly did not start the sell-off of school playing fields.
But the sell-off windfalls masked a fall in underlying profits which were hit by poor performance from its 54 per cent-owned subsidiary Hong Kong Telecom.
Mark Weeks, of the Defend Council Housing Campaign, a veteran of anti sell-off campaigns in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, warned that if the homes were sold rent guarantees would be scrapped, promised improvements would not materialise, tenant representation on management boards would prove worthless and evictions would be common.
Question marks also hang over two more hydroelectric plants: the 100-megawattt generator at Machu Picchu, originally scheduled for sell-off in April, and ElectroAndes, four linked generators that were key part of Centromin, the central Andean state mining and refining giant that was broken up to sell off in parts.
For Lee - who invests in mutual funds and large companies like Coca-Cola and IBM - the recent sell-offs and Thursday's 357-point drop just barely qualify as a correction.
In a frictionless market, sell-offs would occur if assets can be sold for a greater value than their worth as a going-concern.
Along the way, there have been other, smaller sell-offs to evoke memories of the crash.
We've seen strong sell-offs in the past, so at this time it's nearly impossible to say if the overall uptrend is over.
there were seven large program trades on Thursday - block trade sell-offs that took more than 193 points off the Dow.
Use this pro's expertise to find out what late day sell-offs may be signaling for the market, and how you can persevere.