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Andy Brown, the Examiner's retail development manager, said: "We provide a local school with copies of the Huddersfield Examiner, the schools sell the paper at their fete or summer fair, keeping the profit for their own school funds.
The contractor is free to sell the paper directly or through a previous order.
The family that controls the Seattle Times said last week that it planned to appeal last month's judicial ruling regarding losses that the company says it has incurred in providing non-editorial services to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and that if the appeal isn't heard quickly or successful, it may sell the paper.
William Dean Singleton, president and chief executive officer of MediaNews Group, said that the option, part of a complex financial deal, could be exercised only if he agreed to sell the paper, which he doesn't plan to do.
Members own the paper, sell the paper, buy the paper, set prices, and establish terms for transfer.
to sell the paper, saying that issue could be settled in a trial set for November.
He helps us sell the paper to his subscribers through his customer service representatives," explained McCray.
In addition, the company has an agreement to sell the paper mill in Deferiet, New York to The Deferiet Paper Company, a new wholly owned subsidiary of Crabar Paper & Allied Products Corporation, a privately owned holding company based in Dayton, Ohio.
I want to say thank you for the chance to sell the papers.
based brokerage, had been engaged to sell the papers.
Neither Sengstacke nor a number of other family members wanted to sell the papers, so they removed Northern as trustee.
Tribune had previously attempted to sell the papers to Gannett Co.