sell out

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Sell out

Liquidation of a margin account after a customer has failed to bring an account to a required level by producing additional equity after a margin call.
The selling of securities by a broker when a customer fails to pay for them.
The complete sale of all securities in a new issue.

Sell Out

1. To liquidate.

2. In a brokerage, to sell a security bought on behalf of a client when the client has not paid for the security by the agreed-upon time.

3. In a brokerage, to sell the securities in a margin account when a client has failed to pay for a margin call.

4. To sell the entire stock of a security or product.

sell out

Selling securities by a broker on behalf of a client when the client has failed to settle a trade in a timely manner. For example, a broker may sell stock when a client has failed to meet a margin call.
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Additional shows have been added in Boston (June 30th) after two sell outs at the Worcester Centrum.
His videos and DVDs sell in millions and his live appearance are sell outs months in advance.
Competitors may decry Tony Hawk's ever-expanding choices of promotional partners as being sell outs to the mainstream.