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So glad they gave the Seeing-Eye dog folks a break.
It's an interesting experience walking into your ophthalmologist's office with a Seeing-Eye dog.
Pion was keeping a dog in the no-pets-allowed apartment, he claimed that the mutt was a seeing-eye dog for his blind father - who was driving over to get it.
THOMAS BOYD / The Register-Guard Seeing-eye dog Ahab enjoys his retirement party at Springfield City Hall after many years at the side of Human Resources Director Bill Spiry.
I was watching the Discovery Channel and saw a program that said in areas where there is a seeing-eye dog shortage, they use nanny goats to aid the blind,'' Smith said.
And Bryson tells the secondhand stories of some of the folks who have traversed the AT: a trekker in his 80s, another on crutches, a blind man with a seeing-eye dog who reportedly fell about 5,000 times and a 350-pound wafflestomper who lost 53 pounds on his sojourn.
Therapy dogs are not service dogs, such as seeing-eye dogs for the visually impaired, nor are they trained to assist individuals with disabilities.
The Guide Dog Association is calling on the Government to give blind or partially sighted people more protection, as figures show 240 seeing-eye dogs have been attacked over the past two years - a record-high average of 10 a month and up from three a month five years ago.