security interest

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Security interest

The creditor's right to take property or a portion of property offered as security.

Security Interest

A creditor's legal right to take possession of certain property offered as security or collateral. For example, in a margin account, the brokerage making the margin loan may require its client to deposit some or all of the borrowed securities with the brokerage. The right of the brokerage to demand that is its security interest.

security interest

Rights in property, voluntarily granted by a borrower to a lender, so that the property may serve as collateral for a loan and be subject to seizure and sale in the event of default.

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Therefore, in such cases the insolvency administrator of a judicially insolvent debtor may claim repayment or request invalidation of security interests.
Patent and Trademark Office does provide a system for recording security interest in trademarks.
13) On the most basic level, any credit transaction will be made more affordable for the debtor if the creditor can take a security interest in the debtor's assets.
Parties who have security interests that were created prior to the effective date of Revised Article 9, should review the rather complex transition model rules and all variations by their state carefully to ensure proper steps are taken to retain the status of the security interest as perfected and enforceable under Revised Article 9.
As a special rule of law, a cooperative security interest may be perfected by 'filing a financing statement.
The new law modernizes the system of perfecting security interests, formulating clearer rules for enforcement of security interests, and setting forth new priority rules that make the laws more efficient and predictable.
115(2) provides that the "attachment or perfection of a security interest in a securities account is also attachment or perfection of a security interest in all security entitlements carried in the securities account.
As additional collateral, Fleet held a security interest in the borrower's equipment, inventory, fixtures and realty, including the borrower's plant or facility.
The author addresses a variety of subjects, including introductory and basic information, creation of a security interest, sale and deficiency, initial filings and amendments, exceptions to perfection by filing, secured party v.
New Delhi, Oct 13 (ANI): The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved introduction of the Enforcement of Security Interest and Recovery of Debts Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2011 in the Winter Session of Parliament.
national security interest to sustain a competitive and sound defense industrial base on U.

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