securities analyst

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Security Analyst

A person who researches and reports on the state of securities. That is, a securities analyst uses technical or fundamental signals to determine which securities are likely to be profitable and which are not. Analysts help persons and organizations in making investment decisions. See also: CFA.

securities analyst

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Holders, prospective investors and securities analysts who have already been certified by Drummond to access the secure site have been sent the login information by email.
The final rule also allows lower-rank company employees to privately discuss company information with journalists and securities analysts.
The information in the released financial results and the conference call will be NON-PUBLIC and shall not be communicated or forwarded to any person other than interested holders and beneficial owners of such units and such prospective investors and securities analysts approved by INVISTA.
Interested holders, beneficial owners, prospective investors, and securities analysts who desire to attend the conference call and have not provided contact information to INVISTA in the past should provide INVISTA with contact information no later than 5 p.
A joint CFA Institute and National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) task force today released final best practice guidelines governing the relationship between securities analysts and the companies they cover.
He will report to James Gelly, senior vice president & chief financial officer, and serve as the central source of financial information for securities analysts and investment professionals.

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