secondary financing

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Second Mortgage

A mortgage secured by a property lien that is subordinate to another mortgage on the same property. One may take out a second mortgage to pay for home repairs or for any number of other reasons. A second mortgage carries a higher interest rate than a primary mortgage because the lien is less secure.

secondary financing

See junior lien or mortgage.

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Retailers told us that secondary financing options routinely boost sales, but many of the secondary financing programs they're using are behind the times," said Doug Filak, chief marketing officer with NewComLink.
we are confident that our unique secondary financing option will be a more complete program to our BHPH dealers.
Guyer's tenure at Eyetech included closing private financing rounds totaling approximately $170 million, completing a $157 million initial public offering and a secondary financing.
7 million; and the secondary financing consisting of up to an additional $5 million, paid monthly which may begin seven months after the signing of the financing agreement.
Fortunately, rehabilitation tax credits can be converted into equity dollars serving as a practical secondary financing source.
Proceeds from this recapitalization enable us to stabilize our balance sheet through the consolidation of our senior debt while discharging secondary financing and trade liabilities associated with our original center purchase acquisitions.
For qualified rehab conversions, federal rehabilitation tax credits can serve as a viable secondary financing source for the transformation of old commercial buildings into high-tech communications centers.
The Secondary Financing is conditioned upon the finalization of an operating budget that is acceptable to Luxor.
Meridian also negotiated the right for secondary financing during the term of the loan.
These listings are from international companies who request R&D advancement, collaborations and partnerships, marketing, and/or initial or secondary financing, and possible public company advancement, on top of offering their fresh technology to each international market sector.
Blaney's joining JonesTrading is part of an ongoing effort to attract top talent to the firm as it expands its depth in equity trading and its breadth of trading in fixed income, derivatives, and in secondary financing through its Capital Markets Group.
Each company registered uses the Technology Trading Floor to request R&D progress, collaborations and partnerships, marketing and or initial or secondary financing as well as offering new technology available to the market.