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This week's winner is Irene Harrow, of Chesterfield, Derbys, who says: "Don't store potatoes until you have scrubbed off the soil or they'll soon go soft.
What about the prehistoric cave paintings and drawings, does he think that they should be scrubbed off just because they are old and crude?
And 'defeat' has been scrubbed off their vocabulary.
There is no question of any player being scrubbed off the list for the next two years because they choose not to go to India, " he stressed.
I scrubbed off some speed and toppled over the guy in front and on to his bike.
But the group have been scrubbed off the schedule for this year's Gibson Street Gala in June.
Daisyfield Seani, undeniably well drawn outside slow-starting Fabulous Sophie, nevertheless looks dreadfully priced at 2-1 and would be the first scrubbed off my list, simply on grounds of value.
a council van with its livery scrubbed off parked outside the detached home of Birmingham street light repairer Ian Smith (right).
We'd just scrubbed off the rubbish from the first set of tyres and were ready to put in a really fast time on the new set when I went off.
She pushed her blonde hair back beneath her huge hat and scrubbed off all her make-up to show off her natural healthy good looks.
Part of a controversial piece of artwork has been scrubbed off the walls of a Metro station after a train driver complained it was too distracting.