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In organized labor, an employee who breaks a strike. That is, a scab does not go on strike with other employees but instead keeps working. A scab may do this out of concern for his/her livelihood, because he/she does not agree with the reasons for striking, or for some other reason. Because scabs are thought to reduce the effectiveness of a strike, the term is highly derogatory.


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Almost 30% did not routinely treat their sheep against scab and, more worryingly, a further 8.
Towards the end of the seamen's strike in early August, the remaining 170 members of the scab union were reduced to approaching the Wharf Labourers Union for assistance in getting compensation in return for leaving the waterfront.
Overall, scales, with the possible exception of the SCAB Fantasy scale, appear to have adequate internal consistency based on the criteria described by Nunnally (1978).
However, some boys question why they should stop attacking scabs and ripping up their newspapers.
It is best if you can keep a wet scab together so that it can finish its job.
Redfree is immune to apple scab and cedar apple rust and is moderately resistant to fire blight and powdery mildew.
Although the rattail is synonymous with the drag and the buckle and scab with the cope, the three expansion defects may be found on either casting surface.
Even as he celebrates being different, being an intellectual, being unbound by race, it is not too long before his finger scratches the scab and the discussion returns to race.
Short pants and bathing suits meant scrapes and cuts that eventually would form a scab, but I would try to remove it too soon with the result that the healing took longer.
To accelerate the rate of deployment of genes for resistance to scab using marker technologies, the Fargo lab has developed a sample preparation protocol and high-throughput genotyping procedures that are both efficient and cost effective for carrying out marker-assisted breeding.
DISEASE was also on the agenda at NFU Anglesey's March county meeting when several members raised concerns over sheep scab.
These local establishments are being notified of the strike and are being asked not to carry any Chicago Beef scab product.