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1. Informal; an anti-takeover measure.

2. When a company desires a takeover and it has a potential buyer, a stalling tactic the company uses to find a better buyer without scaring off the buyer it already has.

3. In sales, the practice of a salesperson to delay the completion of a deal until such time as he/she will be able to maximize his/her commission.


An action taken by a company to stall an anticipated takeover attempt.
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Ranjit Choongh loading up sandbags and sand, which was taken to flood-hit areas
On Wednesday two men came and said they were expecting high tides and they we were told they were going to put sandbags on the underpass but it never happened.
It is possibly the most important development in emergency flood protection since the invention of the sandbag.
We need a quicker response and to have a number to ring so that when water is up at people's doors we can get sandbags delivered within the hour.
Thailand's capital survived peak tides at the weekend thanks to a network of dikes and sandbags walls.
Our Sandbagger will help speed up protection by enabling users to fill sandbags quickly, right where they need them the most," he added.
A local farm in the throes of bankruptcy donated 90,000 seed bags that were perfect for use as sandbags, said Lane County Emergency Manager Linda Cook, who said Saturday's workshop was the first held locally on sandbagging technique.
They do what sandbags do - but they're like 'pillows' full of hundreds of absorbent crystals that when dry weigh no more than half a pint of milk.
It's worth the effort to install sandbag walls properly, because when the rest of them either fall down or are washed away, yours will still be there doing the job you wanted them to.
Roxana may find more than yellow ribbons on her return; there is a stack of unused sandbags still piled high at the end of her block.
The college was designated by the city to provide sandbags for temporary dikes to hold back the river.
Earlier, he had unsuccessfully tried to call his tenant and tell him to stock up with sandbags to prevent water entering the house.