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1. Informal; an anti-takeover measure.

2. When a company desires a takeover and it has a potential buyer, a stalling tactic the company uses to find a better buyer without scaring off the buyer it already has.

3. In sales, the practice of a salesperson to delay the completion of a deal until such time as he/she will be able to maximize his/her commission.


An action taken by a company to stall an anticipated takeover attempt.
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Working nearly 30 hours, Moury learned firsthand that sandbagging builds quite the appetite and volunteers hardly had time to eat.
In addition to sandbagging, Randall paid a two-week hotel bill for a couple who had to evacuate their home.
Now that our Sandbagging Kits are available locally, we're hoping that people in Florida will get the supplies they need in advance, so they'll be ready for the next natural disaster before it hits.
The Sandbagging Kit with EZ Bagger is designed for one person operation, and is easy for people of all ages to use.
An Iowa National Guard lieutenant yesterday said the sandbagging machines saved the dikes; without them the water would be pouring in.
said one of these sandbagging machines today (April 10) remains to protect the National Guard facilities at the airport.
April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Sandbagging machines that can fill up to 1,600 sandbags an hour are being demonstrated for the first time in Minnesota at the Minnesota National Guard and army facility at Holman Field, St.
Canadian authorities ordered the evacuation of 17,000 people in Manitoba's Red River Valley, mobilized soldiers for sandbagging duty and cleared out a neighborhood near Winnipeg.