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1. Informal; an anti-takeover measure.

2. When a company desires a takeover and it has a potential buyer, a stalling tactic the company uses to find a better buyer without scaring off the buyer it already has.

3. In sales, the practice of a salesperson to delay the completion of a deal until such time as he/she will be able to maximize his/her commission.


An action taken by a company to stall an anticipated takeover attempt.
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Potential licensees in the industrial products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Auto Sandbagger on a worldwide basis.
Our Sandbagger will help speed up protection by enabling users to fill sandbags quickly, right where they need them the most," he added.
Since that time nearly 600 sandbaggers have been sold world wide to contain flooding, for military purposes and other uses.
She designed and had sandbaggers built that she took to St.
For more information on the capabilities of the sandbagger call 1-800-770-SAND.
Cost of a sandbagger is less than the average home insurance claim, said Kanzler.
Twelve sandbaggers have been purchased in neighboring North Dakota.
Sandbaggers, though, also are available in stylish and comfortable golf sandals for fair weather play.
Here's another wrinkle: In any profit projection, we discovered there are sandbaggers, and there are optimists.
THERE we were solving the world's problems at the bar, like you do, when Ian said: "Does anyone remember The Sandbaggers on television?
In the 1980s, The Sandbaggers and A Fine Romance also boosted her profile, but it was a regular part in Blake's 7 in 1981 that turned her into a cult star.