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Several reasons have been given by these proponents to support their claims that sampling and sample size considerations are not relevant in qualitative research.
Further guidance on applying statistical sampling is found in Rev.
Although revenue procedure 2004 29 allows the use of statistical sampling, an analysis of such benefits cannot be accomplished solely through that method.
Therefore, the cost and effort associated with a sampling project are greatly reduced if multiple years can be combined into a single sample.
Sensors make sure the sampling rate doesn't get ahead of the test-instrument sequence.
Flinn said, "These bulk sampling results are helping Klondike Star accurately assess the grade of mineralized areas as part of delineating the potential mineral resources of the Lone Star gold project.
The memorandum provides guidance for determining when the use of sampling is proper.
The use of creams or ointments on the nipples should be used outside the sampling time for the analysis, but if this is not possible because of tenderness, the breasts should be washed thoroughly and rinsed with copious amounts of water before sampling.
How can businesses use sampling for filing tax returns?
In its first major use of sampling, the Census Bureau in 1940 introduced the "short form" set of questions for the majority of the population.
Although audit sampling is a useful technique, practitioners often have problems using Statement on Auditing Standards no.
Video sampling solution offers new ways to extend, monetize and protect mastered video content