sales representative

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sales representative (rep) or sales executive

a salesperson employed to represent his or her company's products to prospective buyers. Sales representatives usually visit potential buyers at the buyers' premises and are generally responsible for visiting numbers of customers within their designated sales territory.

Sales representatives are responsible for securing repeat orders from established customers, gaining orders from new customers, informing customers about their firm's new products and collecting market intelligence from customers. In many cases the selling task also involves representatives in demonstrating products, offering technical advice and arranging credit terms. Sales representatives are often remunerated partly by means of SALES COMMISSION in order to provide them with incentives to secure sales.


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Regardless of what customer segment they are serving, our sales representatives operate more like retail business consultants," he says.
GoLoan, the online mortgage services company designed to allow residential real estate brokers and their sales representatives to reap loan origination fees in addition to their normal sales commissions, reported an 82% increase in the number of brokers signing up for its services over the same two-month period in 2001.
Included in this category were the recruitment, training, and evaluation of sales representatives, the use of homes and hotel rooms for solicitation-related functions, and the credit liaison work of the sales representatives.
Telephone services sales representatives contract and visit commercial customers to review their telephone systems, analyze their communications needs, and recommend services such as additional telephone instruments, lines, and switchboard systems.
Ed Shaffer and Warren Bisbee were named Pacific west coast sales representatives for Datacolor International.
Alpha Technologies promoted Keith Goble to sales representative for the northeastern territory.
Gartner for Sales Professionals" Leverages Gartner Insight to Help Sales Representatives Win More Business
These companies chose TrueAdvantage's subscription-based service to provide more relevant and actionable sales opportunities for their sales representatives and to make their sales teams more efficient and successful revenue generators.
Increasing our sales representative network will have immediate positive impact on our bottom line performance," said Mike Kadlec, Executive Vice President of Titan's Electronics and Homeland Security Division.
According to Verispan's Pharmaceutical Company Image study, the majority of PAs (86%) see at least one sales representative each week, with an average of 6.
When combined with Skura's SFX RepCoach, which focuses on improving interactions between physicians and sales professionals, Actionable Analytics will provide unique, predictive insight that leads the sales representative toward those actions that are most likely to increase prescriptions by the physician.