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1. A sudden increase in price, especially of a stock. Runups are usually temporary.

2. A sudden increase in some economic measure. For example, the Federal Reserve may run up interest rates, or a recession may lead to a runup in unemployment.


A sharp, short-term increase in the price of a stock or the stock market.
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The runup of a tsunami created by a simulated fault was compared to the angle of the constructed model shoreline system to determine which angle of the continental shelf would create the highest height of the tsunami.
Commenting on the runup, President and CEO James P.
Despite the runup in prices, no one expects to see large-scale replacement of antimony oxide in the near future.
Even homeowners who benefited from a runup in house prices can still regret overimprovement.
Part of the recent sluggishness reflected a decline in utility output following a weather-related runup in February, but manufacturing output also grew more slowly.
Picnickers will be invited to create poppy mosaics using plastic tiles, which will be on display in Morpeth Town Hall's Butter Market in the runup to Remembrance Sunday.
The "I Do" campaign, in the runup to Valentine's Day, wants people tying the knot to buy Fairtrade gold rings to leave a better legacy for the people who mine gold, their children and the environment.
Merthyr Crown Court heard they had been struggling for cash in the runup to Christmas, but had actually lost PS2,000 in the scam.
perpendicular Twy J between Twy K and Rwy 7/25, Extend Runway Twy K to the 7 end of Rwy 7/25, add a runup pad at each
Connolly, who just turned 70, said he was filled with a sense of impending doom in the runup to the landmark birthday.