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1. A sudden increase in price, especially of a stock. Runups are usually temporary.

2. A sudden increase in some economic measure. For example, the Federal Reserve may run up interest rates, or a recession may lead to a runup in unemployment.


A sharp, short-term increase in the price of a stock or the stock market.
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Since the facility became fully operational, the airport has passed a resolution requiring all run-ups to be conducted inside the facility.
We also did not complete the full run-up checklist that day, because a malfunction occurred during the overspeed governor/rudder boost check.
The run-ups are the first thing you want to keep dry.
Perhaps most perplexing was the sudden run-up in the platinum market, apparently brought on by government announcements that there would be stricter standards for diesel vehicles, and that there would be programs to emphasize development of fuel cell-powered cars.
While we have worked hard to mitigate these effects through productivity and supply chain improvements, the extent of these run-ups necessitates an increase at this time," said Steve Vogler, Global Marketing Manager for the business.
On the other hand, new player Umm Al-Qura Cement Company has fallen prey to profit-taking after sequential run-ups (15 consecutive wins since its debut on Tadawul).
Run-ups are limited to 10 yards and to speed the two-hour games up, 10 overs in a row are bowled from one end, and then the final 10 from the other.
The very technical and tough course favours only the fittest and most skilful of riders with its steep run-ups and many steep and slippery descents and corners, all of which made the Team Jewson rider one of the favourites.
Several hours of rain, and then wet bowlers' run-ups, frustrated the tourists on Thursday - after captain Alastair Cook (154no) and Michael Carberry (153no) had piled up 318 without loss on day one.
Gooch said: "The guys - some of them haven't played - want to get some time in the middle; the bowlers want to iron out any little flaws in their run-ups, and just get their rhythm.
Alastair Cook's tourists were prevented by rain from adding to his and Michael Carberry's unbroken stand of 318 on day one, frustrated by damp bowlers' run-ups even after the bad weather relented in mid-afternoon.
Heavy overnight rain led to the bowling run-ups giving rise for concern, and ultimately both clubs had to be satisfied with five abandoned points.