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1 -- color) The city's Community Preservation division has begun a program to help property owners spruce up run-down properties.
The Catchgate Partnership scheme aims to tackle run-down properties in North Road.
I live in Netherton, where there is an estate which, although being worked on by a housing association, still looks run-down.
An exclusive shopping galleria, Diagonal Mar, has already been completed in this run-down and decrepit area of Barcelona, much to the annoyance of the architect David Mackay, one of the founders of local practice Martorell Bohigas Mackay Arquitectes: 'The developing of the Forum area is correct and in line with the city planning since the 1860s and the days of Ildefons Cerda who laid the famous urban Barcelona-grid.
The BEMF eliminates the time wasted by fixed-delay systems, since it ensures that machine access is permitted as soon as the run-down is complete.
Our mandate is to, basically, turn the airport from a quiet, run-down airport being supported basically by the town, to a more thriving airport that can become more self-sufficient and pay its own way," Picard says of CABC.
In Waukesha, Wisconsin, the city officials are dreaming of a pretty downtown, with fixed-up buildings, a rejuvenated business district, and none of those loud, alcoholic, pee-in-the-stairwell types who populate run-down city centers across the country.
The 60 have been given run-down Victorian properties in two streets at nominal rents.
Then when I try to compensate by eating a big meal later in the day, I inevitably feel tired and run-down.
However, Bye says the blood-and-gizzard brew was a popular remedy, His study of the De La Cruz-Badianus Manuscript of 1552, the earliest known New World document on herbal medicine, suggests that the focus on reviving run-down rulers was unique to Aztec culture.
A COUNCIL has used an 80-year-old law to force a homeowner to sell a run-down property.
Secondly, Kirklees has never been able to give its wholehearted attention to Huddersfield; not since Edward Heath tied it up in a bundle with the scruffy, run-down towns of the Heavy Woollen District.