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There were 120 armed robberies of individuals from Jan.
Among the robberies for which the UCR Program received weapon information in 2012, strong-arm tactics were used in 42.
There were 10 bank robberies in areas patrolled by the Sheriff's Department, which include Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and Camarillo.
In Aston, robberies fell by 27 per cent compared to the same period in 2003/04, which resulted in 206 fewer robberies.
He added: "We have had a great deal of success in getting the hardcore remanded and that has sent the message out to others who want to commit street robberies that they will be arrested.
62] Simply put, early twentieth-century robberies required planning and discipline, and thus these killings differed considerably from the spontaneous, impulsive violence that characterized late nineteenth-century homicides.
The vast majority of robberies, however, go unreported, officials say.
In general, two factors caused the extensive number of bank robberies in the FBJLA territory.
Based on hundreds of critique forms, almost all Spokane participants thought the mock robbery training had prepared them for real robberies better than other forms of training.
They should also know that even as the FBI shifts some of its resources toward terrorism, it will continue to be involved in the investigation of bank robberies, and we also have great confidence in state and local police, who have a terrific record of solving bank robbery cases.
LeBlanc, 38, both of 700 Patriots Road, Templeton, were indicted Friday on charges related to convenience store robberies in Winchendon and Barre and a Nov.
The estimated number of robberies decreased from the 2008 and the 2005 estimates--8.