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Gates is the quintessential modern-day robber baron," writes one CFO.
Of course, it's ironic to see our young folk rely on funding from criminals while being deprived of a future by this robber baron Government.
White is at pains to stress that he is not resurrecting the Robber Baron literature, suggesting that, in general, those who ran the transcontinentals were generally more ignorant and inept than brilliant and scheming.
notion that tech monopolies would stifle innovation in some robber baron repeat of the 19th century.
Ms Knight can achieve a double courtesy of Robber Baron, who contests the Connolly's Red Mills Beginners' Chase.
Taking screw-the-workers capitalism to new depths, this modern-day robber baron has pushed its Latin American suppliers to cut costs to the bone or lose their contracts to China.
Knight, who was also on the mark with Robber Baron in the novice hurdle, insisted that Edredon Bleu and Best Mate would never clash on the racecourse and added: "If the ground came up fast for the King George, Edredon could take over there from Best Mate.
Following the publication in 2000 of Morgan: American Financier, by Jean Strouse, the robber baron is being viewed as a good guy, and Strouse has become a popular booster of his on television talk shows.
The trainer does well in bumper races and she could well be on the mark again with Robber Baron (4.
Not since the robber baron era of primitive capitalism has so much economic power been concentrated in so few hands.
MLike Bruce Springsteen's recent Wrecking Ball album, glam insurrectionist Bobby Conn's latest has robber baron corporations and the resistance of the Occupy movement in mind.