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Playing For Change and the Playing For Change Foundation are honored to extend the legacy of Jerry Garcia and to support the efforts of the Jerry Garcia Foundation to continue the Ripple Effect of love and positive change through music.
If there are ripples, then it looks like the number of stars in the (presumed flat) disk drops off quickly, and then farther out where the disk ripples back up it looks like a detached ring of stars appears," Dr.
The new ripples mean that some of our most popular flavours now taste even better than before, and ensure that consumers can continue to enjoy superb quality ice cream at an attractive price," said Suncream's Managing Director, Rebecca Manfredi.
But one of graphene's intrinsic features is ripples, similar to those seen on plastic wrap tightly pulled over a clamped edge.
These ripples move through space and, if detected, could provide new information on the beginnings of the universe and its future.
Every choice we make creates a ripple effect on our lives and those of others round about us.
Gary Millar, former chairman of Ripples on the Mersey and current Liverpool ECHO Enterprise Champion, explained: "We help inspire aspiring entrepreneurs from local communities who would not normally go to established support agencies for help.
However, in June 2007 most of the area with ripple marks was covered by piles of crushed rock or loose material and the ripples were visible only in some places.
Like ripples on water, as time passes and we gain more experiences we grow, physically and emotionally.
Baptism is, in a nutshell, Easter made personal, and the ripples of its waters continue to spread out, encountering and joining the stream from the other, greater Easter, "the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb" (Rev 22:1).
Like your breath, winds create ripples in the ocean.
As the frog practices hunting with both its eyes and wave-detecting receptors, van Hemmen believes its brain learns how to decode the ripple signals.