riparian rights

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Riparian Rights

The right to use running water as it comes on to one's property. Riparian rights include, for example, the right to fish and the right to use the water to power machinery on one's land. Riparian rights come with various duties and responsibilities, such as not to pollute water such that it would affect the rights of property owners downstream and not to prevent the free passage of fish. With certain, limited exceptions, riparian rights are non-transferable. The rights have their origins in English common law.

riparian rights

Rights pertaining to the use of water in, on, near, or flowing over land.The most common rights are the right to a reasonable use of the water,the right to use the shoreline and have access to the water,the right to any land formed by accretion or relication,the right to have the water flow to the land without obstruction, the limited right to build piers in the water, and the right to catch fish, although the land owner does not own the fish. Although the word “riparian” typically applies to rivers and streams but not lakes, the expression “riparian rights”generally means to imply any rights having to do with water,including surface runoff.

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Under traditional riparian law, only those who owned property bordering a watercourse were entitled to riparian rights.
Riparian rights cannot be severed from the riparian land and transferred elsewhere.
Although Israel's advocates may argue that the normal use principle is adhered to as long as the riparian rights are used for irrigation purposes (albeit in a different location), the concept of normal use itself is rooted in the usufructuary notion of preserving the corpus of the property.
The riparian rights granted Friday, which were first introduced in the state house by O'Brien, are the first granted since the governor called a moratorium on their issuance in April 2006.
Among the infrastructure comprising the property are 88,400 square feet of industrial and office buildings, certain riparian rights to more than 515.
This is a quiet position, overlooking the village green, with a private three quarters of an acre bordering the tributary of the River Stour, complete with mooring and riparian rights over a 60 metre frontage.
74) The petitioners in Dugan held riparian rights to continued water flow from the San Joaquin River for use along the landowner's property, which was downstream from the CVP's Friant Dam.
Today's residents have full riparian rights on a lake within the grounds plus free fishing permits on the neighbouring stocked lakes.
The Judge also rejected MCWC's theory that riparian rights apply in this case.
This means that future school debt growth outpacing growth in the fund's riparian rights and investment revenues will require an external funding source (state subsidies) in order for required reserve levels to be maintained.