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Ensign's ADR 1500S drilling rigs are planned and built in the Company's global rig manufacturing facilities situated in Houston, Texas and Nisku, Alberta.
Analysis of the opportunities and challenges in the global offshore rig construction industry
Global Rig earlier this week secured a contract for its Rig No.
Surveys of several oil rigs from central California to Long Beach in 1995-2001 found that rigs that were converted to reefs provided habitat for rockfish that was equal to or better than natural reefs and acted as nursery grounds for some fish that would otherwise not survive, including bocaccio.
For the three days leading up to the accident, rig managers had issued repeated internal bulletins saying a malfunctioning part needed to be replaced to alleviate a gas-pressure problem.
Louisiana established its program in 1986 with parallel state legislation and toppled its first rig in '87.
The study, which is an offering from the company's Energy Research Group, provides an in-depth analysis of the global offshore rig construction market and highlights the various concerns, key trends and challenges affecting the offshore rig construction industry, along with leading global companies in offshore rig construction.
Near the surface, barnacles and mussels tend to cluster along the legs of the rigs just as they do on piers.
Egypt Drilling & Rig Activity Report 2005-2009 will provide you with a single comprehensive reference linking the past to the current.
The drilling activity in Egypt throughout the past eight years has witnessed a consistent growth in the number of drilled wells which was matched with an increase in the operating rigs; from an average of 45 rigs in 2001 to 132 rigs in 2008.
rig count is down 1 rig from last week to 946, with oil rigs up 6 to 765, gas rigs down 7 to 181, and miscellaneous rigs unchanged.
The agreement reached with GlobalSantaFe will permit GlobalSantaFe to utilize Transocean's dual activity drilling technology on its Development Driller I and II rigs currently working in the Gulf of Mexico and on its Development Driller III rig after delivery from the shipyard in Singapore.