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Term for a security whose price seems too high in light of its price history.


Describing a person or entity with strong financial resources. There is no strict definition of how much one needs to have in order to be "wealthy," but, in general, it refers to one with more money or assets relative to others in a society. The wealthy drive economic growth. Some believe this ought to be encouraged, as it eventually makes the remainder of society wealthier; others, however, believe growth is strongest when the needs of multiple classes are balanced. A few others believe wealthy persons ought to have most of their resources confiscated and redistributed, but this is a minority opinion.


Of, relating to, or being a security price judged by some investors to be too high. For example, a new issue of stock may carry an offering price that many analysts consider rich. If too many investors and analysts believe the price is rich, the offering may be unsuccessful.
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Aliya Rashid, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said on the night there were various pockets of disorder and that Richer Sounds was subjected to a burglary, losing between pounds 35,000 and pounds 40,000 worth of stock.
The winners of both men and women's marathon will be richer by $250,000.
99, For Richer for Poorer will hit the shops almost three years to the day that Coren landed another jackpot, the London EPT, netting pounds 500,000.
We want richer people to pay for our children's education; we don't want to pay for poorer people's children.
We actually know something like a half-dozen facts about Richer with reasonable certainty, but Glenn goes on for sixty-seven pages creating possible histories and biographies for Richer.
So, he adds, the instrument offers "a richer sound than does a classical stringed instrument.
Richer says these were "band-aid fixes" made to keep the 1950s-era tower, from leaking.
We need our young people scheming to make our communities happier and richer.