retail house

Retail house

A brokerage firm that caters to individual customers rather than large institutions.

Retail House

A brokerage in which most clients are individuals, rather than institutional investors. While there are small retail houses for elite clients, most of these brokerages are large organizations with high overheads because they usually need larger client bases than other brokerages. Brokers at a retail house often earn high commissions, and their research departments produce investment recommendations for individual, as opposed to institutional, investors.

retail house

A brokerage firm that primarily attracts individual investors. A retail house frequently has numerous offices, large office staffs, and high overhead; produces research reports targeted to individuals; and has brokers who earn relatively high commissions.
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KOJ), one of the Middle East's leading retail house has selected Sun Microsystems to help consolidate and manage its data and online transactions, and run its retail applications.
I also think a deal with a large-scale retail house, like a Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, is possible.
The rankings reflect the mix of designer/celebrity, manufacturer and retail house brands in the market.
Datasharp has advised Tennyson that it has already secured orders for SOX from end-users, including the Japanese retail house Shiseido and UK design house D&S Designs.
Prior to Lotus, he served as a software engineer for Beacon Systems, Tokyo, Japan, where he developed a POS system for a large retail house.
We are inviting every big and small retail houses for free demonstration," Ranjan added.
The retail analytics solutions for conventional brick and mortar retail houses are also applied for space planning and optimization, cluster planning/ assortment, inventory management and others.
Multi-brand stores, retail houses, solo designers, fashion school students and textile giants shared the ramp on Day 1 at the 3rd edition of Islamabad Fashion Week (IFW) organised at a local hotel for two days.
Since then, the rally has been consistent to confirm Nov-ember as one of the best performing months for the retail sector here, based on feedback from some of the leading retail houses.
The point is that individual buyers with no patriotic peer pressure will continue to buy goods based on their perceived value, which will drive most of us to purchase foreign imports through our own big box retail houses.
Al-Ansari said the company has sold more than 100,000 smartcards through its office at the Central Bus Station and 60 other partner retail houses since its launch in
She has worked as a merchandiser with high-end retail houses in New York.
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