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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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Because of their ability to cleave DNA at specific recognition sites, restriction enzymes have played an integral role in cloning, which is perhaps their most common application.
While opinions differ on whether or not some type of scrap metal export restriction would help or hurt the domestic industry, most everyone agrees that concerns about a shortage of ferrous scrap are unwarranted.
In fact the actual conduct of the Jockey Club in insisting on these restrictions shows anything but reason.
Cummins and the others in the Calorie Restriction Society will never know whether their diets prolong their lives.
Among the women in the sample, 824 experienced one of the adverse pregnancy outcomes studied: 126 antepartum hemorrhage, 233 preterm labor, 308 preterm delivery, 134 intrauterine growth restriction and 23 perinatal death.
Contributing to the negative effects of immigration restriction is the opportunity cost of enforcing immigration laws.
The New York Police Department requested the restrictions, which are introduced every year.
Under the current TRQ scheme, a farmer is eligible for a temporary reallocation of quota for heifers calving in the restriction period if the 20pc replacement number is, or has been exceeded.
It also suggests that factors other than dietary restriction may account for most of the difference in completion rates.
used X-ray crystallography to take molecular pictures of the restriction enzyme BglII in action.
As for the specific employee, the employer must provide, free of charge, access to a health care professional, work restrictions if necessary for the employee to recover, evaluation and follow-up of the MSD incident, and the work restriction protection.
Feed restriction studies in rodents show significant delays in aging-related degenerative diseases (1) and protection against cancer (2).