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Plaque excision appears to be a very promising answer both for patients suffering from mild to moderate leg pain, and those with severe rest pain and tissue loss who are at high risk for an amputation," Dr.
The successful treatment of critical limb ischemia is measured by the relief of rest pain, the healing of ulcers and the avoidance of major amputations," said Dr.
Approximately 50% of deaths attributable to cardiovascular disease are due to coronary artery disease, in which inadequate blood flow (ischemia) in the heart can lead to rest pain, impaired cardiac function, or, in severe cases, heart attack.
In addition, her rest pain reduced from 5/10 to 3/10 at approximately 7 weeks but with persistent mild restricted motion on physical exam.
To avoid amputation, a patient was enrolled in a novel study in which the use of autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells facilitated the healing of his ischemic leg wound and led to resolution of his ischemic rest pain.
The Harvest studies have also been able to show improvement in rest pain for patients with severe rest pain.
However, the largest difference in any of these analyses was 18 mm for pain on movement, the differences getting smaller with time postoperatively and with rest pain.
11 cases had non-healing ulcers and 20 had dry gangrene of toe/toes or forefoot, with rest pain.