resident agent

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Resident Agent

A person who is licensed to sell insurance in the state in which he/she lives. Because most insurance is regulated at the state level, state agents are registered on a state-by-state basis.

resident agent

A name given in some states to the person authorized by law to accept service of process (lawsuits,for example) for a corporation or other artificial person.There are many commercial services that will provide this service for companies.Also called “registered agent for service.”
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Blacks are denied resident agent assignments and are concentrated in black urban areas," they said, adding that they also predominate in the bureau's economic opportunity, applicant desk and identification divisions, while whites are centered in operations and criminal investigation divisions.
A formal Bid bond, signed or countersigned by a Mississippi Resident Agent with Power of Attorney attached, a Cashier%s check, or a Certified Check for five (5%) percent of the bid amount payable to the Owner must accompany each proposal
This meant the country's Intellectual Property Office 'will only grant protection to a mark that meets the local registration requirements which includes the appointment of a resident agent,' Te said.
Heagney, resident agent in charge of the Rochester, N.
It has both Foreign Service and Civil Service positions: an FS resident agent in charge, three FS special agents and a CS investigative assistant.
Retired surveyor David Rowlands, who now lives near Llanerfyl in Powys, was resident agent gingerly guiding the scheme through for Liverpool Corporation.
They found hundreds of child pornography images on his computer, Resident Agent in Charge Scott Brown said.
Spasaro comes to politics from a lengthy career in law enforcement, starting off as a patrol officer with the Fort Lauderdale police in 1974 and working his way up to being resident agent in charge of the DEA's office in Turkey.
He noted the countersignature statutes precluded Florida-licensed nonresident agents from placing property or casualty insurance coverage in the state without the participation of a resident agent, who must be paid at least 50 percent of the commission with respect to property coverages and at least 25 percent of the commission with respect to other coverages.
Citing an example, he noted that in some jurisdictions even though a nonresident producer may be able to perform all the regular tasks and issuance of coverage for the client, the state law still requires that the copy of the policy be delivered to the business location by an instate, resident agent operating in the county where the business is located.

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